BUCCLE is delighted to acknowledge the sponsorship generously provided by the following companies:
Bausch & Lomb
British Contact Lens Association
David Thomas
Johnson & Johnson - Vistakon
No 7 Contact Lenses
Sponsors provide complimentary contact lenses, books, CDs and other learning resources to students enrolled on Optometry and Dispensing degrees of members’ Institutions.
In addition, the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers has generously donated copies of its Contact Lens Year Book to every final year optometry student and most dispensing students in the UK.

British Universities Committee of Contact Lens Educators (BUCCLE)

Mission statement
To advance contact lens education by the promotion of collaboration and dissemination of knowledge and information among those involved in the academic teaching of this subject in the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland.
Foundation. The inaugural meeting of BUCCLE was held in December 1980 at the University of Aston in Birmingham.


BUCCLE consists of 1-2 contact lens educators from each of the Universities/Colleges that teach contact lenses in the UK and Eire. The current officers of BUCCLE are:

Chair:                     Luisa Simo – University of Plymouth luisa.simo@plymouth.ac.uk
Vice Chair/Secretary:     Neil Retallic – The University of Manchester Neil.Retallic@manchester.ac.uk
Treasurer:             James Wolffsohn – Aston University j.s.w.wolffsohn@aston.ac.uk

In order to attain its objective, BUCCLE meets three times a year:
January: a visit is usually made to one of the member Departments to provide exposure to different approaches in teaching, organisation of contact lens clinics and to current contact lens-related research
May/June: a business meeting is held at the venue of the Annual Clinical Conference of the British Contact Lens Association along with an education afternoon in collaboration with the International Association of Contact Lens Educators
September/October: a visit is usually made to one of our sponsors to learn about changes in contact lens market trends, new products and manufacture