BCLA Student Ambassadors 2017/18

Student Ambassadors

The BCLA student ambassador scheme was introduced in 2015. Seven universities across the UK and Ireland are represented by each of the ambassadors and primarily it's their role to represent the BCLA and to ensure that their peers are taking full advantage of their BCLA student membership, and more importantly bring the student view point to the BCLA. One of the key objectives of introducing the student ambassador programme was so that the organisation could gain a better understanding of student's needs and how we can help them develop at this very early stage of their career. The student team is guided by a mentor, who is part of the BCLA Council.

The ambassadors role includes:                                                                                                           
- to actively  promote the BCLA
- represent the BCLA at industry events
- participate in online blogs
- to be a voice for the student community.

If you would like to represent your university in the future as a BCLA Ambassador, please email ceo@bcla.org.uk