Dedicated Dry Eye Track at BCLA UK

Highly recommended for those completing the Certificate in Management of Dry Eye and Contact Lens Retention

To support the recently launched online Dry Eye Certificate, BCLA will host a specific track at the upcoming BCLA UK meetings. This session will incorporate a Peer Review session followed by 4 hands-on workshop sessions all focused on Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye Disease.

The peer review will provide an overview level of understanding on the management and diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease to support your levels of confidence and skills to complete the BCLA’s Dry Eye Practical Accreditation Examination. It will also include interactive workshops to help you familiarise yourself with clinical instruments specific to Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and management. 

There will be four key discussion topics in the peer review: 

Triaging the patient with suspected Dry Eye Disease – Elicitation of Dry Eye risk factors and symptoms will be practised. You will have an opportunity to share your own experiences of dealing with symptomatic Dry Eye patients and identifying the key triage questions through effective history and symptom taking.

Making the diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease – Clinical results will be interpreted and the rationale behind the diagnosis will be discussed. Case scenarios will be given with the aid of an in-depth facilitator checklist to give a more detailed guide to the depth of knowledge and skills expected. 

Classification of Dry Eye sub-types – Investigation and sub-classification of Dry Eye Disease will be performed live on stage and a video resource showing how to perform the diagnostic techniques will be presented.  

Management of Dry Eye Disease – The importance of using a step-wise approach to Dry Eye management will be highlighted through case discussion. This will give an opportunity to provide a brief review of several treatments for Dry Eye Disease, including when to adopt pharmaceuticals or refer.

The hands-on sessions with cover;
- Tear Fiim Stability and Meibography
- Ocular Surface Staining, subjective nion-invasive break-up time and tear meniscus height.
- Lid Evaluation and osmolarity in Dry Eye Diagnosis.
- Punctal Plugging and InflammaDry

To aid in your completion of the Management of Dry Eye and Contact Lens Retention Certificate, we would like to recommend your attendance at this session within the BCLA UK meeting,  to help you gain confidence in preparation for BCLA’s Dry Eye Practical Accreditation Examination. 

The qualification for the Dry eye Certificate requires attendance at an appropriate GOC approved CET session; and this track will deliver on this requirement.

The first examination will be held on 25 June at Aston University. Please contact; to reserve your place.