Eyefit - new online database of lenses. 
This could revolutionise the way you fit lenses in the future.

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Eyefit - the new online database of lens designs and fitting advice

It’s an exciting time to be fitting contact lenses, with manufacturers constantly adding new lens designs and extending ranges to increase the number of patients that can be successfully fitted. However, keeping up with the fast pace of development is difficult, with printed range guides easy to misplace, and summary information typically already out of date even before it reaches your practice. With ever increasing scope of optometry practice it’s too much to expect ourselves to keep the parameters and power ranges of all available contact lenses in our heads, ready for each patient as they sit in our chair.

Eyefit is a new online database tool that has been developed to overcome all of these problems through providing an electronic searchable database of current lens designs and ranges, as well as practical fitting advice. Enter your patient’s refraction and Eyefit will calculate corneal refraction and display all valid spherical or toric disposable lenses alongside a recommended lens power to fit. Save your chosen lenses in record card format and it will remember the lens details. When your patient returns for follow-up, enter over refraction and lens rotation if a toric, and it will automatically calculate the resultant new contact lens power.

The BCLA is working with the producers of this new product and would like your help to evaluate Eyefit to help us decide whether we should provide ongoing access as a member benefit. More information will be available soon.

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