Spotlight to shine on Presbyopia surgery options 

The latest surgical innovations to correct presbyopia will be explored during a video presentation being shown at the next BCLA Evening Meeting. 
Eye health professionals will hear from consultant ophthalmic surgeon Allon Barsam during the event, to be held at the Royal College of Nursing from 6.30pm on Tuesday, January 23.

Mr Barsam, who runs a tertiary NHS practice specialising in cornea and refractive surgery, will present a lecture titled 'Surgical advances for correction of presbyopia'.
This video based presentation will show all of the most commonly accepted surgical interventions for presbyopia as well as newer innovations which are now available. 
Interventions covered will include laser blended vision, implantable contact lenses, sulcus based lenses and capsular bag fixated intraocular lenses. 
Advantages and limitations of each technique will be covered as well as patient selection theory.

Intraocular lenses covered will include simple mono vision with monofocal lenses, toric lenses, trifocal lenses and extended depth of focus lenses.. 
The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session, giving all those attending the chance to quiz Mr Barsam and take home invaluable advice to help them in day-to-day practice.
Entry is free for all BCLA members who can also register one non-member guest to attend the evening lecture. Guests must be registered in advance by emailing the guest’s name, email address and GOC number to

BCLA members can register here