BLOG: How well can you grade anterior eye health? 

Ever wondered how well your grading compares to your peers? Do you have a preferred grading scale and how consistent are you in your approach?  

An exclusive session to be held at BCLA UK will provide you with the opportunity to understand best practice approaches when grading anterior eye health, the level of accuracy required and actively contribute to research into this field. 

The session, to be held by BUCCLE Session Leads Professor James Wolfssohn, Neil Retallic and Dr Marta Viyana, will give you the chance to grade live ocular surface findings, discuss the benefits and challenges with the existing grading scales and compare your results to your peers.
The workshop will provide you with five key learning objectives:
To understand the advantages and limitations of current grading scale using for assessing anterior eye health
The ability to accurately and consistently grade ocular surface findings using appropriate grading scales
The ability to accurately record keep anterior eye health grading results to the appropriate grading increments
To learn from peers best practice approaches in grading and recording anterior eye health findings
To understand how individual grading can differ between consultations and peers and to gather evidence of the level of consistency in grading throughout the profession.
As part of the session, there will be a review of existing grading scales, highlighting the advantages and limitations of different systems.

There will also be a live demonstration of grading using a video slit lamp, subjective grading of anterior eye health (limbal and bulbar redness, palpebral redness and palpebral roughness) by delegates to various increment levels and peer discussion of results to establish best practice approaches to improve grading reliability.
BCLA UK will be split over two cities for the first time this year, with the first session being held on Monday, 4 June at Conference Aston in Birmingham and the second scheduled for Sunday, 10 June at IET Savoy in London.

CET points will be available across the programme.
BCLA UK is open to both members and non-members – the member rate is £99 plus VAT and £199 plus VAT for non-members. Register for the event here.