CooperVision is delighted to be a partner sponsor of the 2018 BCLA UK conferences.

Here at CooperVision, we share your passion for delivering the best possible eye care and when it comes to your patients’ contact lenses, we know they expect nothing less than exceptional vision, comfort and stability. We understand how vital our contact lenses are to people’s daily lives. We recognise that every wearer is unique and appreciate the importance of creating world-class contact lenses for both mainstream and challenging vision corrections. 

Our focus goes beyond product development to true innovation, tackling some of the greatest challenges of our time such as myopia management and the impact of the global transformation to a digital lifestyle.
We believe in bringing a refreshing perspective – and we hope you’ll join us in helping to build your business and making a difference to every one of your patients’ lives, with innovation for today, tomorrow and into the future.

MyDay® daily disposable toric contact lenses are designed for unsurpassed comfort, exceptional vision, and a healthy lens-wearing experience.1 MyDay toric uses our proven toric lens design, Optimised Toric Lens Geometry™, found in CooperVision’s leading contact lens for astigmatism, Biofinity® toric. To find out more about MyDay toric click here. 

Biofinity Energys™ joins the market-leading Biofinity® family of contact lenses. Specifically designed for digital device users, the lens helps patients’ eyes seamlessly and continuously shift focus between on-screen and off-screen activities.  To find out more about Biofinity Energys™ click here.

The prevalence of myopia is projected to increase from approximately two billion people worldwide in 2010 to almost five billion people in 20502, bringing with it near- and long-term health challenges. MiSight® 1 day daily disposable contact lens with ActivControl® myopia management technology is as easy to ?t as a single-vision contact lens offering a simple convenient myopia management therapy compared with alternative treatment options. To find out more about Myopia Management at CooperVision click here.

Visit our stand at BCLA UK 2018 to find out more about tomorrow’s innovations, today.