BCLA Statement: Apprenticeship 

22 November 2019


The possible introduction of a degree apprenticeship in optometry has been well documented in recent days and has been the subject of much debate on social media and in professional forums.

Following the initial work and set-up of the ‘trailblazer’ group, the BCLA was approached to get involved – our aim was to ensure that patient safety continues to be protected with a high learning and qualification standard within our sector of expertise.

The BCLA is committed to doing what we can to ensure that modifications to the routes to qualification and indeed through the GOC’s Education Strategic Review, maintain rigorous education standards, ensure the highest potential quality of practice, and have patient safety at their heart. Optometrists are highly-skilled and highly-respected healthcare professionals. Their integrity and credibility must be ensured and protected.

If you want to take action, BCLA urges members to respond directly to the apprenticeship consultation by 12:00pm on Monday, 9 December. This will ensure that all feedback will be captured and considered fully by the trailblazer group in reviewing how the standard is progressed.