Student Ambassador Blog: Charlene Clayton-Williams


My name is Charlene Clayton-Williams and I am studying for the Contact lens certificate at Bradford College, September 2023 intake. I have theory exams this coming June and I am preparing my case records ready to sit the practical exams in January 2025.

I had volunteered to be the representative on my contact lens course to build my confidence. A friend suggested I apply for the BCLA student ambassador role as she had heard good things about it. Two of my lecturers also mentioned what a great experience it would be. I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow professionals and get involved in the contact lens sector.

The Optometry Tomorrow conference now incorporating BCLA Focus, was everything & more! I had the chance to see the conference from both sides, as a delegate & as a support to the BCLA. I scanned delegates into workshops & lectures or had microphone duty. In between I got to explore. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a lecture where one of my lecturers was talking.  It was absolutely fascinating listening to colleagues talk about their area of expertise. There were so many friendly faces to see, passionate people to talk to and stands to explore. I especially loved starting my day with whack-o-myopia. Amazing! It was a great experience for a first time visit. 

The best experience for me was seeing so many optical professionals in one place. I ran out of time to visit all of the stands. Thank you to those I did visit. Everyone was very supportive & encouraging.

I would absolutely recommend the student ambassador role to those who have the opportunity to apply. It opens up many opportunities, aside from attending the conference. I am currently studying the 'early career certificate in dry eye management & contact lens retention'. I look forward to starting the 'early career certificate in myopia management' and the 'early career certificate in fundamentals in contact lenses'. These are all available through my BCLA student membership.

Roll on attending as a fully qualified CLO!!

Charlene Clayton-Williams
Student Ambassador
Bradford College