A new BCLA global consensus report will deliver evidence-based guidance to BCLA members and the wider profession on all aspects of presbyopia and its management to allow for best patient care.

Building on the first issue (published in April 2021), BCLA CLEARTM Presbyopia will be published in the upcoming issue of the BCLA journal ‘Contact Lens and Anterior Eye’ (CLAE) and will feature work from panels of globally-respected experts in the field and will allow us to draw conclusions and to form a global consensus to:

  • support clinicians with what information is supported by evidence
  • inform researchers as to the gaps in current knowledge
  • guide industry in what still needs to be achieved

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BCLA CLEARTM Presbyopia will feature eight overview papers, each compiled by a panel chaired by internationally renowned experts.  The topic areas and panel chairs are: 

1. BCLA CLEARTM Presbyopia - panel chairs 
2. Mechanism and optics - Leon Davies
3. Epidemiology and impact - Maria Markoulli
4. Evaluation and diagnosis - James Wolffsohn
5. Management with spectacles and contact lenses - Philip Morgan
6. Management with corneal techniques - Jennifer Craig
7. Management with scleral and pharmaceutical techniques - Shehzad Naroo
8. Management with intraocular lenses - Christina Schnider