Professor James Wolffsohn presents the 2017 Dallos Award to Jaya Sowjanya Siddireddy at the 2017 BCLA Clinical Conference in Liverpool.

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Dallos application form
(Microsoft Word Document)

Dallos Award

The BCLA Dallos Award is an biennial award of £8,000 to fund a research project submitted by members which is judged likely to further understanding of a topic related to contact lenses and or anterior eye. Applications will be judged upon their originality, aims, methodology and financial feasibility.

Outline the title, purpose, hypothesis, methodology, methods of data analysis and possible significance of the work proposed. Sufficient detail must be provided such that reviewers who are unfamiliar with the area of work will be able to judge whether the proposed procedures will enable the stated aims to be achieved. If considered appropriate, references should be provided to previous relevant work in the area.

The BCLA Dallos Award research is to be presented at the biennial BCLA Clinical Research Conference. The call will be timed for the beginning of the year before the conference is held and requires a maximum 3 page research proposal including Background, hypothesis, methodology, costs and CVs of the investigators.

In considering the applications, the following criteria will be used:
1. the potential contribution to the field of contact lenses and/or anterior eye;
2. the objectives, plans and promise of the outlined research;
3. the facilities and resources available for the proposed project.

Submissions for 2019 have now closed. Applications for the Dallos Award for the 2021 BCLA Clinical Conference will open in Autumn 2020. 


BCLA Dallos Award recipients

2017       Jaya Sowjanya Siddireddy (Pictured left)

2015       Dr Nicole Carnt & Dr Simon Kilvington

2014       Dr Pauline Kang 

2013       Dr Gurpal Singh Toor

2012       Dr Paul Gifford & Associate Professor Helen Swarbick

2011       Dr Ulrike Stahl & Dr Isabelle Jalbert

2010       Nicole Carnt & Professor Fiona Stapleton

2009       Professor James Wolffsohn

2008       Dr Martin Cardall

2007       Dr Olivia Hunt

2006       Dr Lisa Keay & Professor Fiona Stapleton

2005       Dr Clare O’Donnel & Ms Luisa Simo-Mannion

2004       Ms Marine Gobbe & Dr Michel Guillon

2003       Dr Adrian Bruce

2002       Dr JG Lawrenson & Dr PJ Murphy

2001       Dr Lyndon Jones

2000       Dr Craig Woods

1999       Dr Savitri Sharma & Dr Padmaja Sankaridurg

1998       None

1997       Mr Keith Edwards & Mr Tony Hough

1996       Miss Claire O’Donnell

1995       Dr Valarie Franklin

1994       None

1993       Professor Nathan Efron & Miss Jane Veys

1992       None

1991       Dr Brian Tighe & Miss Valarie Franklin

1990       Mr Ronald Stevenson

1989       Mr Ken Pullum & Mr John Parker