The 2017 Irving Fatt Memorial Lecturer is Fabrizo Zeri (pictured above) and was presented with the award by President Keith Tempany at the 40th BCLA Clinical Conference, 9 - 11 June 2017.

Irving Fatt Memorial Lecture 

This honour is aimed at postgraduates in the field of contact lenses and/or anterior eye, who have completed a PhD, a post-doctoral degree or MSc in the UK within the last five years and continued with their research either in private practice, hospital practice or academia. 

Nominations invited plus CV. The Irving Fatt Memorial Lecture is presented at the biennial BCLA Research Coference. The call will be timed for the beginning of the year in which the conference is held and requires the thesis of the nominee. Submissions have now closed for 2019. 

Past presenters of the Irving Fatt Memorial Lecture

2017 Fabrizo Zeri

Dr Michael Read

2014 Dr Heiko Pult

2013 Dr Mitra Tavakoli 

2012 Dr Martin Cardall

2011 Dr Jacinto Santodomingo

2010 Dr Panagiotis Kallinikos

2009 Dr Lisa Keay

2008 Dr Rachael Peterson

2007 Dr Christine Purslow

2006 Dr Jo Hollingsworth

2005 Dr Inma Perez Gomez

2004 Dr Carole Maldonado-Codina

2003 Dr Craig Woods

2002 Associate Professor Lyndon Jones

2001 Dr Clare O’Donnell

2000 Dr Jenni Craig

1999 Dr Cherry Radford

1998 Dr Fiona Stapleton

1997 Dr Philip Morgan