Pioneers Lecture 

The Pioneers Lecturer is selected by the BCLA on the basis of an individual's contribution to the field of contact lenses and anterior eye.

The Pioneers Lecture was formerly known as the George Nissel Memorial Lecture (1983-2003). 

Past Pioneers Lecturers

2017 Mr Ian Flitcroft
2016 Professor Graeme Young 
2015 Professor Philip Morgan
2014 Professor Harminder Dua
2013 Pioneer Conference 
2013 Professor James Wolffsohn
2012 Professor Fiona Stapleton
2011 Dr Eef van der Worp
2009 Dr Alan Saks
2010 Professor Lyndon Jones
2008 Professor Nathan Efron
2007 Professor John Marshall 
2006 Dr Barbara Caffery
2005 Dr Donald Korb
2004 Professor Neil Charman
Past George Nissel Memorial Lecturers

2003 Dan Ehrlich
2002 Professor AlanTomlinson
2001 Professor Nathan Efron
2000 Dr Loretta B Szczotka
1999 Professor Brien Holden 
1998 Ian Cox
1997 Dr H Dwight Cavanagh
1996 Patrick Caroline
1995 Professor Barry Wissman
1994 Dr Suzanne Fleizig
1993 Ken Polse
1992 Frank Jones
1991 Dr Jan Kok
1990 Professor Nathan Efron
1989 Eric Papas
1988 Professor Brian Tighe
1987 Dr Bill Sammons
1986 Anne Silk
1985 Professor Otto Wichterle
1984 Mr Ian Mackie
1983 Professor Montague Ruben