Myopia Management and children


Your Child and Myopia: Factsheet

This factsheet 'Your child and myopia' aims to simplify the explanation of the condition and dispel myths around what it means for patients, reassuring families of the methods used to manage myopia and slow its progression.

The factsheet addresses five key questions parents are likely to have:
What is myopia? 
Will my child’s myopia get worse? 
What is myopia management? 
Why has my ECP advised myopia management? 
What options are there for myopia management?

It answers these five points in clear, concise language and outlines the results of research showing that myopia is on the increase across the globe. Children are becoming myopic at a younger age and the level of their myopia is getting worse.

Myopia Management Informed Consent Form


The consent form has been specifically created for ECPs to use with their patients in practice and consists of eight ‘tick box’ style statements outlining the aim of the treatment pathway, any associated risks or limitations and the likely need for further appointments or consultations.

This factsheet and consent form have been developed in partnership with CooperVision.