Myopia Management Certificate: Lecturers

This is an online course that consists of 6 lectures. These are narrated lectures and include the latest evidence based research presented in a format suitable for ECPs to translate the research findings to their clinical practice. There is a compulsory MCQ element for each lecture. It is expected that the lectures are completed within a 12 month time-frame.

In addition to the 6 lectures you will need to complete an interactive myopia management session and self evaluation plus a 30 minute viva (virtual) oral examination. 

It is expected that the course is completed within a 12 month time-frame from date of enrolment.



Lecture 1: Why Myopia management?  Prof Ian Flitcroft



Lecture 2: Behavioural advice and Spectacles lenses, Dr Nicola Logan


 Lecture 3: Soft Contact Lens Options, Dr Jeffrey Walline 

 Lecture 4: Orthokeratology in Myopia Management, Dr Pauline Cho

Lecture 5: Pharmacological interventions, Prof Kathryn Saunders

 Lecture 6: How, putting it into practice, Gillian Bruce